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Transportation at Orlando Airport

Imagine getting promptly out of the airport and on your way with incredible ease! Private transfers from Orlando Airport to anywhere. We offer affordable private transportation services from the Orlando airport to several family themed park attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more. Orlando has a lot to offer including its beautiful tropical weather and you will need a way to get around. Why bother with a rental and get lost when you can have a knowledgeable driver get you to your destination without the worry about finding directions

Orlando Airport Transportation

This Transportation & Airport Shuttles section of our web site provides all of the information you'll need to get to and from Orlando International Airport. Reserve an airport shuttle or car service between MCO and Port Canaveral any time of the year! Our services are more convenient because there are no lines or carrying your luggage all over the airport. We offer many types of Orlando airport shuttles. Get a quick, easy shuttle to a hotel at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or any Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Lines, Carnival or Norwegian cruise ships at Port Canaveral.
Arriving at the Airport
Upon arrival to the Orlando airport you will find two sides of the terminal which is an “A” and “B” side. Depending on which airline you came in on will designate which side of the airport you will be heading to. The driver that will be picking you and your family up will be located in the baggage claim area which is on the second floor of the airport. So take for example you come in on Southwest Airlines which would be located on the “B” side of the airport terminal. Once you disembark from your flight you will proceed to the main airport terminal building by way of tram. Yes, there is a tram that you will ride in which you will be able to see the beautiful Florida landscape for the first time on the ground. Once you reach the main terminal building and exit through customs, you will want to proceed to the “B” side of the airport. If you come in on a different airline you may want to check to see which side they are located on. Once you reach the correct side of the airport you will want to proceed either down the escalator which will take you directly to the second floor where baggage claim is located, or you can take the elevator down to. Taking the elevator though you may miss the driver, its best practice to take the escalator in which is where you will find your driver holding a sign with your name on it. The driver will direct you from there to your carousel to pick up your luggage. Then you will be on your way to the vehicle for your transportation needs. Its really that simple. We do get the request from time to time to take a picture with the sign and or our driver which we will be more then happy to accommodate. You can even have the sign if you wish for your scrapbook! We encourage it after all!
Car Seats and Boosters
We can if you wish accommodate you with a car seat or booster for your convenience. They are complementary no matter which one you need. Please know that since they are complementary we get lots of request for them and may run out from time to time. It is best to confirm your car seat or booster needs on the day of your transportation requests. If you wish to bring your own that is perfectly acceptable as we have many that bring their own as well. Sometimes though its just easier for us to provide it for you so that its less you have to carry. After all your on a vacation, its time to relax and look more towards the convenience of the complementary child seats.
We do have trips that can sometimes take up to forty minutes to get to especially if your planning on going to Port Canaveral. In these certain situations we also offer the ability of a meal stop. This is where we can give you a fifteen minute stop along the way in order to get any special needs you may need on a big trip such as a cruise. These are completely complimentary as long as they stay within the fifteen minute stop. If your coming into town and perhaps staying at a hotel in the area you may want to also get some groceries for your stay. Try to stay in budget if you will. We will also stop along the way for this too at no extra cost. We ask though that you keep it within the fifteen minutes so that we can get our drivers on to their next destination. Most companies may charge for these stops; however we want to please our passengers and make the most out of their trips.
Returning to the Airport
There comes the time when its time to go back home after your vacation and we want to make it as painless of process as we can, especially for the little ones visiting the most magical place on earth. If you need to leave a little earlier or a bit later we ask that you let us know as soon as you can. This way we can get the time needed to find a driver within the area or reschedule a drivers route. We also like to try and keep the same driver with the same party. Our drivers will arrive a few minutes before your scheduled pickup time in order to get you on your way with as little stress as possible. Please remember that for all domestic flights its two hours prior to boarding and three hours for all international flights. There is also a thirty minute cut off time to go through security from the time your flight actually takes off. Our drivers will take the most direct route and only use express ways in order to avoid as much traffic as possible. Sometimes a driver may suggest an earlier time depending on the time you want to leave as they may have some insider knowledge on avoiding traffic congestion. It is up to your description to pick the best time for you and your group in the end. We will be more then happy to accommodate your pick up and return needs at your convenience.

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Transportation at Orlando Airport

Imagine getting promptly out of the airport and on your way with incredible ease! We offer private transfers from Orlando Airport to anywhere...


Orlando International Airport is busy every day with thousands of passengers arriving to begin wonderful vacations full of fun in the sun! We are here to take the worries out of getting from Orlando Airport to wherever you plan to spend your great vacation. Whether you plan to go on a cruise at Port Canaveral, visit Disney, Universal or Seaworld, we have all your transportation needs covered! We can accommodate any size party or family, whether you are traveling to one of the many Central Florida attractions or traveling long distance to one of our beautiful beaches or cruise ports. Florida offers your family a variety of activities all while enjoying the beautiful sunshine state.

If Orlando is your second home away from home we also offer you transportation from Residence to airport or airport to residence. If you are enjoying one of our many attractions and staying at one of our many luxurious hotels  and you need transfers from your hotel or resort to the Orlando airport, you can rest assured you will always make your flight because we apply "cushioning" to be certain you have enough time to check-in and make it through security to board your plane.